You and Me, Kiki!

An Update Of Sorts.

Because LJ lets me chat with other.
Because Blogger lets me edits and show some music. 

Although LJ already does this.

So then maybe stories?

Nope. Just personal posts.

Then this?

Just a more stories version of my life. More thoughts and actions.

Hope it actually happens this time.

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Eyes of Time, Eyes

Roles Switched Up [SERVED! Edition]

I don't understand how people changed so drastically. I really don't.

The peron you expect to hate you, doesn't. And the person who you though would understand, doesn't.


What does this mean?

Ah, I opened several accounts the other days...

A Tumblr, another LJ, and my facebook won't be connected to any of this, I made ANOTHER email address, ANOTHER DA, and I'm...




I would write more and more, but I'm busy and I need to sleep.

Eyes of Time, Eyes

(no subject)

Hello everyone! Just cheking on this journal and at the same time trying to figure out what to say... Ah, life is just interesting at the moment for that I've just stuffed myself with chow mein.

Speaking of which, i've made another "new" journal. But that one HAS to be updated daily and I can't post the link since then it would become a not so secret thing. Not even "Polly" knows about it.

Speaking fo which, I am going to make a list of the names I've changed accordingly:

Leo - Polly
Morena - Lorence
Mary - Maria

I will add more as I continue...

-Susana (Nyo) xD
Eyes of Time, Eyes

My next plan.

This semester has probably been one of the most challenging. So with this in mind, I decided to change a lot of things before the next semester starts… This is what I have planned…

  • Lose enough weight. (Still thinking about how much.)
  • Try and actually WIN some scholarship money.
  • Get a fucking JOB! D:
  • Keep learning Capoeira and try and get back into Judo.
  • Fix things up and actually come up with a plan with Leo.
  • Learn Belly Dancing
  • And try to learn Italian, German, AND… Spanish! Dx

I’ll add more as I see fit.


Eyes of Time, Eyes

Happy Birthday, Leo

You're finally twenty. Time to take a look back in time and see the mistakes you've committed, see the people and find out who changed the most and realize that it was you... This post is mainly dedicated to you and the memories I have of you so far.

It's hard to believe that this... Friendship started back in the beginning of college for the both of us. I hated you, but with Morena gone, I wanted someone that I recognized from high school to help adapt... That poor unfortunate soul was you, Leo and I took that opportunity to use you as a guide that first semester...

Needless to say the fake bond was later solidified into a real one, one that backfired sooooo bad. You got broke up with Morena on and off in high school and then to hang out with you both made my world that much brighter. We went to movies, talked on the phone a lot, I got to eat at some real nice places thanks to you.

Of course every relationship has its dark side, one that we both shared. For some of the us the memory haunts us, for others, the feeling stays dormant until provoked...

I may have not been able to see you on your birthday again... But I promised that I would make it up to you, and that's what I intend to do.

And the reason for me doing so is a simple one. You are my best friend. One that I never had for this long and strong. The very least I can do for my mistakes and flaws is to show you how much you mean to me. I don't know how or when... But I'll make it to you. I promise.

I love you,


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Royai, Love

The World I Want to Live In

I took some time to myself today to... Remember the dreams that I had as a child and to remind myself... That this is what I want.

I want to be out in the open, out in the fresh air, where I don't have to be afraid of falling in love, where I can go help people and animals, and where I can learn everything I want to learn.

I want the world to be my playground again, I want to be able to imagine that my bunk bed was actually a tree house and I did all of my "research work" in it. I want to remember what it was like to not fear the pain, to think that you were a good person, a kind person...

I want to go back to the time where my dreams were big and alive.

I loved the dreams at night, where I would leave my physical body and I would be running down the sidewalk and jump and then hold my breath, allowing me to float gently across the sky.

I want to go back, to where things were never t his complicated, where things were never about love, sex, drugs, or hate.

I miss the days when I was willing to die for a girl because I knew that she was willing to do the same.

I miss the people I once knew.

I almost despise the I know now....